VA: Virtual Assistance

One of the latest buzzwords: VA (Virtual Assistant).  Essentially work from home employee/s working via the "Cloud" over the internet, phones, using remote control, VPN or other technological means to help give you the support and assistance you need to get your work done. 

Computer Consulting

Is your PC running slow?  Can't access files on the other office computers?  Having trouble connecting to the internet?  Not sure how to install that new software?  Got a virus? Need to upgrade or install a new accessory?
Regardless of the situation, 710JOHN will be able to help.

Networking, administration and security

710JOHN has successfully connected 100's of computers to various networks. Whether it's peer-to-peer, intranet, local domain server, Remote access, DSL, LAN or Wireless 710JOHN can handle the job and keep you secure.

Database Design and Administration

Quick, efficient access to your company's data is a must.  Sifting through immense spreadsheets and various documents can take precious hours off your work week.  710JOHN can help you organize that information by using appropriate database storage and retrieval systems and techniques that will allow you to find, add and update information when you need to.

Search engine optimization

While having a web presence is a must for any company these days, not everyone stands out in the crowd.  This is where 710JOHN can help you determine what search terms people are using to find you and which ones they're using to find your competition then, help you make the necessary changes to your website/s to ensure the traffic comes to you!

Office Automation, custom programming

If you have a office full of staff who can never seem to find the time to get all that work done, or you're having trouble handling repetitive tasks, it may be time to call 710JOHN to analyze where you're time's being wasted and implement solutions that will streamline your business by making your computers do more of the work...


Want to sell your products and/or services online?  710JOHN can help you determine what solution is best for you and tailor it to suit your needs.

Data Storage and Backup

How often do you back up your business data?  How long would it take you to restore that information if it were all lost?  Will your business survive if your computer were stolen or lightning strikes?
710JOHN can help you decide what to backup, what to archive and when to do it in a manner that doesn't disrupt your daily workflow and won't leave you with empty pockets.

Security, Virus and Spyware protection

You're personal or business information is possibly being sent over the internet to person/s unknown that may want to do you harm.  Your PC and internet connection might be used to help others break the law without your knowledge.  Your privacy is at risk from unscrupulous companies that think it's their right to spy on you as you browse their site or use their software.  710JOHN can help you ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen to you...

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